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Gauging interest for entire new U20 motor

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Hey guys, horror story that I am having to run from. Built this U20 motor, lightened/polished/balanced the rods to within a gram. Had crank ground and polished however it had already been ground before so it was ground out to 1.5mm over (.060") which was the limit as far as I could find bearings for. New chain tensioners and chain, new domed pistons which I think were 1.5mm over as well (I will have to check), Deves rings all gapped properly, nothing special in the head. Oil pump was clearanced and showed great pressure. New small end bushings.


Head was pressure checked and cleaned, came out fine. Block was cleaned, bored out. New flywheel bolts. New clutch kit. A little over $4300 in the complete rebuild total.


Anyway, crank had to be ground and polished to .060" over and what had happened was there must have been a casting bubble/pocket because the polished surface had a knick in it about the size of a quarter of a dime on the bearing surface. Was told it shouldn't be a problem... lol what a joke, well it had a rod knock and eventually spun a bearing before it reached 500 miles but hey! for those 500 miles it was burning rubber in second gear easily!


So, time to just get rid of it and get what I can back out of it. I have everything for the motor as it was when it was running (from the front water pump to the backplate) except for the intake manifold with carbs and the header. Also have the old air injection shit that was pulled off before the rebuild. If there is enough interest I may decide to part it out however I really want all of it gone.


Here are some pictures:















As I said before, have just over $4300 and what I am trying to get rid of is less the the intake manifold, the carbs, and the header. Everything else that would have been on the motor when it was running I would like to sell so that includes dizzy, fuel pump, back plate, have to check to see if I still have the motor mounts but those too, water pump, flywheel, etc. Keep in mind that unless you weld up the journals on the crank, you will probably need to source another one. I suspect that even if you were able to source bearings larger than 1.5mm, you would find that grinding the crank any further would yield more casting imperfections. I MAY be getting my hands on another roadster that has an old motor so for those of you who are interested I may be able to have another crank plus intake and exhaust.


With all that said, I'm asking for a negotiable $3500. Trades, offers, whatever are welcome. I am located in Fort Worth, Texas. PM me if you have the least bit of interest in anything you see. Parting this stuff out may be a better way to go!



Thanks for looking.

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