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B210 Speedometer Issues


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My 74 B210 speedometer is way off, it sometimes sticks at 35, or 55, or will show too high a speed for what it is doing... Its like it dirty and sometimes does not go to zero, and starts out at say 35 (stopped), and will climb to say 55 at say 25mph actual. Wierd, really, like its dirty or hanging up or something... Has anyone any experence with taking one apart and cleaning it out? it appears to work fine over 50 MPH, but it can show 50 mph from 5 mph to 50 mph or anything in between. ITs not jumpy, actually smooth, just wrong and not consistant.... it sure is not the cable or gear....

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speedometer ... sometimes sticks
That probably won't be the cable.


speedometer is way off
That will be the speedometer gear back at the transmission. Everybody fits larger tires, then it doesn't read the same.


Has anyone any experence with taking one apart and cleaning it out?
Yes, it's very difficult to get back together. I would just go to the wreckers and get a good used one. Or you might try loosening the speedometer cup. That is what spins the needle.
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Apparently someone did not get the gist of this, it is accurate above 50 mph, below that it can be anything, i mean anything at all or even stuck anywhere below 50mph when its even stopped. sometimes it even goes to zero when stopped....

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So? It's still fixed the same way. Replace the speedo head with a good used unit.


If you still suspect the cable, unfasten it from the back of the speedo, and hold the cable-end loosely while you drive the car. You might find the cable end stops turning from time to time. But I doubt it.

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