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280zx parts car

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Figure I'll separate my ads, one for the 280zx if anyone wants it whole, and one in the parts section...


280ZX - missing hood/right fender/one c pillar window I believe, radiator, and random hoses/bolts? 1983 N/A 5spd w/ F54/P90a, was running last summer in car. Transmission shifts smooth, that is all I can tell you. Windows, T-tops, glass in good condition. Interior sun-dried, not so sure about radio/etc as I never really cared. Whole car minus rear end: $700 - this is complete drivetrain wise minus what I want (rear end), was running only few months ago (CO cold prevents me from wanting to start freezing cars under a tarp)





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I take cash, money order, and paypal. I doubt anyone wants to spend money on shipping this guy so local is preferred and probably the only way it's gonna sell. Pretty straight and narrow, PM for additional contact info.

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