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1970 Datsun 510 - Engine Bay wiring


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Need some help identifying what attaches to some of the loose wiring hanging throughout my engine bay.


PHOTO #1 - On driver's side, near the windshield wiper motor. There is a white connector plug, and two additional wires (BLUE and the other BLACK) not connected to anything. What do these attach to?




PHOTO #2 - On Driver's Side near the front corner of the car (near horn) . There is a relay with four connectors, but only 1 wire currently connected. What relay is this? Where is it suppose to be mounted in the engine bay?




PHOTO #3 - On Driver's Side near front corner of the car. Three wires (B/Y, B/R, B). what does this connect to?




PHOTO #4 - On Passenger Side below the fuse block , by the firewall. What relay is this. How is this supposed to mount?




Photo #5 - On passenger side, below fuse block area. What relay is this?




Photo #6 - Couple of wires near the front of the 510 engine bay. What wires should these attach to?




Thanks, Dan

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Top Posters In This Topic

Need some help identifying what attaches to some of the loose wiring hanging throughout my engine bay.


Photo #1 I believe the plug is the carb switch and the wires are for the solenoid... I took this out of my harness.


Photo #2 That is the emissions relay, mounts to driver's side lower radiator bolt.


Photo #3 These connect to the above relay, are also connected to DUAL point dizzy's. I had a dual and went single, I took these wires out (well kept a Bl/R from dizzy to coil neg).


Photo #4 Angle is bad for telling the relay, but I would bet on Headlight relay, mounts to back side of passenger strut tower, look for 2 holes vertically.


Photo #5 Horn Relay, that is where photo 4 relay mounts.


Photo #6 Yellow/Green? That is Low Brake Switch. Bl/Gr is Positive Side coil. Might need a further out pic to help identify further.

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