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Cheapest camber plates/strut bearings


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I've been looking at different camber plate options, and they aren't cheap. To me the weld in plate is way to easy to make, but then you'd still have to get a strut bearing-and they aren't cheap either. I saw these for sale:





old moog bolt in 510 camber plates-interesting, simple design.


It looks like bolt in camber plates that could use the stock top hats and springs.



Using these as an idea, I'm going to see if I could make a set for my Z. I know you'd have to trim the center hole of the tower to allow for adjustment(well-maybe), but they could still bolt in. Looking over all the options for lowering-chopping springs, coilover sleeves, etc- the biggest expense seems to be in camber plates and the bearing.



How much angle has anyone here run on stuck tophats/strut bearings before they ripped?


If you drop the car an inch or two by cutting springs how far off does it REALLY make your camber?

I've looked at the question on other sites **cough**cough** and the answer is if its not dead on its wrong-not a functional yes it works but...like you get here.


Has anyone found a decent ratsun cheap top strut bearing?


I'm willing to chop some tubes down if it gets me the clearance to run bolt in instead of weld in camber plates.



Any other ideas?

















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I'm playing with a 280, but its all the same idea.


Thats another thing i was thinking, notch everything so it slides, but integrate a strut bar for extra strength at the top of the tower.

I'd love to find some old school racing books, stuff from before you could just by everything.





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