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KA24DE / 510 stuffs


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Since the KA swap is moving right along, I'll be mounting the engine and trans in hopefully early this week!

For reference, everything is from a 1991 S13/240SX

Here's where some info will come in handy.

(Yes, I've searched and read a bunch of stuff on Ratsun already)


The harness I have came with the engine, and was apparently modified by Danny Young. I have no contact info for Danny Young,

so I cannot get any "details" on how he modifies harnesses and such. There are some connecting points on the harness

that are not labeled, so maybe you guys can help me out with that. One is labeled "switch" which I assume is switched +12V.

I don't believe the harness has any provisioning for smog stuff (EGR, etc) as the engine has an EGR block-off and was de-smogged.


(Right now it's dark, the harness is out in a box - so tomorrow I will post pictures of the specifics when I have suitable light.)


Question - I've seen a lot of different ways people have mounted their ECU's and associated stuff. But, where do you

KA swapped dimers run your harness through to the cabin? I've seen holes drilled next to the stock fuse box going down,

which I really don't see that as being the best method, personally. My idea is to just punch a hole in the firewall right next

to the stock 510 harness. Seems logical to me, any feedback?


With my L20B, I had a Saturn alternator conversion and was using the Saturn (Delco) plug, wired into the stock harness,

with jumpers on the original voltage regulator connector for use with an IR alternator. What would be my best approach

to wiring the KA24DE alternator into the 510 harness? Are the wires the same, using a different connector? (Delco vs. Nissan?)

Think I should stick to the Saturn alternator or use the KA24DE alternator? I'm almost certain everything would line up,

I just have to have the pulley swapped to the KA pulley.


Any help would be appreciated - I know Icehouse seems to be the subject master from what I can tell. As much as I'd like to,

I'm not currently using the CAN/AM setup. Maybe some day, but now isn't the time. Just wanna get her running!

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