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1988 honda civic dx

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i recently inhereted a car from a death in my girlfriends family and, well, i need to sell my daily driver.... for those who arent honda fans i know this is a datsun froum but i need to sell it. i am sure there are fans of this type of honda's as i was and they're kinda rare as a clean title.


i have a buddy offering me $800 but if anyone can beat that i am game and he is the type of friend that will say he's interested and you're never sure if he will commit or not. i need the money to keep going to school and a plethora of other personal needs.


the car is a daily and drives like a champ but let me tell you the bad:


- the front right caliper or hose is leaking so you have to put fluid every so often

- the front window has stress cracks and could eventually need replacement

- the driver side door window keeps falling out of the window channel so you have to stick your hand through the speaker hole to fix it. (i have the replacement parts just havent gotten them on yet)

- no major or minor dents but there is a small swipe on the rear driver side that you cant really notice unless you are looking for it. same for the front grill.

- there is AC but its not hooked up or needs some troubleshooting

- interior is aged for its year but in good condition.

- the shocks/struts could be replaced but in daily driving condition

- the milage is high but at these years most engines are swapped or rebuilt. mine is a stock and great on gas.




- has 6+ month old brand new tires

- brand new stereo with remote. 3 speakers because of the window.

- new muffler

- trim rings

- bike rack

- all fuilds checked and replaced often.

- sweet patina look on it. lol.



dont get me wrong, i was in the process of fixing the problems but when i was told i was getting the other car my girlfriend said not to put anymore in the car. makes sense and i know these cars are worth it whether you like hondas or not.



its a great car and one of my dream cars. i dont have the money to make it on the next modified or honda tuning magazine so my loss is your gain. drive it as a daily till the wheels fall off or fix it up and you got a nice ride.


pm me if interested. mod's, if this was sent to the wrong place then my bad. i tried to put it in the right area





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