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Need Suspension Help


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Hey guys. I am having some problems with my dime. I had 4 people in the car today, and at about 35 MPH the wheels start shaking violently. I found a thread below that detailed my problem pretty well, only his continues. Mine seems to have a 35-45 zone where it shakes like crazy, then goes away when up to speed. I am going to take their suggestions and look around to try and see if those things will fix it. However, I am thinking about replacing bushings, shocks, springs, etc. Can I get shocks for this from the regular parts house like Napa? How about bushings, bearings, etc? Are there any photos or how to's on here about how to change these things?


Thanks in advance. LOVING your site. :)

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I read another thread that was almost identical to this one, but here was my reply...

I used to own a Toyota Lowrider minitruck that was slammed. Anyway, when I bought the truck it did the exact same thing as your car. I looked all over under the truck and couldn't find anything wrong. I finally gave up and drove it to Midas of all places, to get the front end repaired, because I couldn't find the problem. About 5 minutes later the Mechanic came and got me and said he wanted to show me something. With the truck up in the air he walked over and spun my passenger wheel and pointed at the tire. He said "see all the wobble in the tire, your wheel isn't wobbling, your tire is. You have a belt sepparated." I was shocked, I could really see the tire wobbble and had found an honest MIDAS mechanic!!! I bought a new tire and the problem was GONE!!! I'm not saying this is your problem, but it could be, so try jacking up the front end and spin those wheels. Sometimes you get luck and it's something stupid, cheap, and easy. Sometimes you get a brand new tire with a bad or seperated belt too, so don't write it off, just because you have new tires. Good luck

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