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Cold high idle adjustment on weber 32/36

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I cant seem to find any info on adjusting the cold high idle on my 32/36 weber carb. The carb has been on the truck for about 4 months now and i have a hell of a time getting it to "kick down", when it does it idles nicely at aboue 700 RPM. where is the adjustment for this?

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The choke controls the high idle timing. If the choke is set to close too slowly, or is otherwise not fully opening, it will be difficult to get it into slow idle.


One thing it won't do is kick down by itself. It'll stay in high idle until the throttle gets pressed. The fast idle linkage gets held in place by the throttle linkage until it's physically moved.



I'm assuming you have an electric choke and it's hooked up? Otherwise it won't open at all except via convection, which is REALLY slow.


While there are reams of paper on how to set the choke properly, I simply take a cold engine and adjust the choke so it is "just closed" on a 60-degree day. I probably could close it a little harder so that it doesn't kick down too early like mine does now, but I've gotten used to it.


The fast idle speed is controlled by the fast idle adjusting screw, which I recall being a pain in the rear to get to when installed. It's in the linkage.

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yes its an electric choke, and it is hooked up, so to adjust to i just loosen the screws on the plastic choke housing ring and rotate till the blades are closed? while engine is cold of course.

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Yes. Well, they should already be closed. If you loosen the ring then twist, see how much it takes to get them to start to open. I've seen some that were shut HARD. Like, 1/8th turn of the coil cover to get them to open. Took 10 minutes to open the choke, and even then it wasn't fully open.


If it's already open, then closing it more will make the problem worse. You could back it open a bit more.


It's a finesse thing.

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yeah I just went and set it, it was shut very hard, it took about a 1/8 to a quarter to get it to start opening, I played with it and got it so it JUST closes, took her for a spin around the block. and it idles down nicely now! thank you very much!


I should also note that it doesnt diesel anymore when you shut it off!


Killed two birds with one stone on this one.

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