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True Love

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OOh honey, I just catch a glimpse of you, my heart races, I know you're a fast one, but I want to wait until the perfect time, take it slow and keep you forever, since that first day I saw you in 2000. I swear you winked at me, I tried to hide my attraction, you had a younger one, I had a younger one, and I'd put alot of time and effort into mine and honestly did love very much, but your tight little body..... mmmmmmm..... that was love too, I tried to tell your man what you needed, I could see right away, I was right, but he just wanted to go fast and get all he could before leaving you for another sweet body probably to do the same thing to. It's taken a long time for both of us to heal, and I know you think you're ready, but if this is going to be forever, there's only one way to do this, the Right way, here we are now spending all our time together, and loving it I must say. You're my first thought in the morning, my last at night, I dream about you, there's nothing else when we're together, just us, and I can't wait to take you everywhere and show you off, you're so beautiful, I want everyone I know to meet you, and soon they will. First, though, we'll have that moment we've both waited soooo long for, I turn you on, hand gripping your leather, trying not to look as desparate for what's next as I feel, as I reach down to the middle of you and click the starter button, vrr vrr vrr vrr you say suddenly faster, and varoooooooooooooom, idle idle idle idle racing cam lope, fuel pump, fan, the long gasp of your weber carb, the only sounds, oooooh, yeah, baby, we're almost there, but everythings gotta be just right :) hehe. :) ...... and now it is :) lets go down and register, i'll call my insourance company also, you sexy thing!!!

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