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Z Car Club of Colorado track day


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The Z car Club of Colorado will be hosting their first track event of the season Saturday June 4th. Our second event will be held September 10th.


If you want to try your hand at fast driving but don't want to worry about getting pulled over for speeding then this is your chance.


The Z club has taken care of that at High Plains Raceway. If you think it will be wheel to wheel racing, don't worry, it is NOT wheel to wheel, rubbing is racin thing. We have 4 experience levels and limited passing in all sessions. You take to the track at your own pace as we do want to you drive your car back home under it's own power and in one piece.


Even if you don't want to take your car out on the track, at least come out and see what you will be missing. Ask anyone for a ride, most are eager to take you out there to get a feeling what it's like.


www.zccc.org for more information and registration.


www.highplainsraceway.com for the track info.

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I am pleased to announce that Boulder Nissan (BN) will be the ZCCC track event sponsor. This collaboration with Boulder Nissan will only be for ZCCC track events, limited track related ads, articles, and will not infringe on our general club sponsor, Tynan's Nissan.


For the last month I have been working with Jason Purdum owner of BN and asked him for ideas on how to lower our expenses and up our car count. Some ideas involved other dealerships, other than our sponsor. Jason gave it some thought and had another totally unexpected idea that would help the club with the track events and help us attract more cars and especially more Nissans owners.


Event participants, drivers, usually work corners, nothing was wrong with this format and it was fun talking in a small group while others were on the track. With BN event sponsorship, the drivers will no longer have to work corners for the June 4th track event and hopefully future track events with Boulder Nissan’s sponsor relationship.


This sponsorship will allow more track time for all driving participants and hopefully bring in more participants out to our club track events. As there is no corner working involved.


I would like to thank Jason and Boulder Nissan for their generosity and enthusiasm for track events and especially in helping the ZCCC in what we hope is a great working partnership for our track events.




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41 cars have already registered, 5 of them GT-R's. If you don't want to drive on the track, come out anyway and bum some rides. Long pants, long sleeve shirt, closed toed shoes and a snell helmet are required to go for rides.

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