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So will the puzzle pieces fit?


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Ok I'm not an engine builder of any degree and won't pretend to be one. Would it be worth my time/money to supercharge an l20b? So far I have a low Mileage motorset with the wiring loom all cleaned up. Car runs and drives but needs a fuel pump. I have 44mm itbs square port 4 into 1 header a set of Cams availible for purchase cheap and I just got the super charger off of a friends vw corrado. The supercharger was traded for a super nintendo I'd call that a sweet deal lol. So all in all what will it take to put all this together to have a pretty quick l20b street engine? Is this even feasible? Like can all these parts be used in conjunction as well as what head should a run? Head will deffinately be getting lots of work done. Fill in the pieces for this to happen if it's possible at all?

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I kinda figgured there would need to be a lot of fab work. I need an intake manifold before the supercharger but could I run quad throttles before a supercharger or just stick to one? Saves me from

needing an exhust manifold with turbo flange I just don't know much about forced induction. I have access to a Cnc machine at the highschool and the old shop teacher has made a few pieces for other people so I might ask him to make a few things. Will also need an oil cooler etc. Should this be attempted? I really have no idea where to start with it is all

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start doing some research on supercharged motors.u cood run the itbs with the sc jujst have to make a "hat" that sits ontop of the itbs that will conect to the sc. oil cooler? u mean intercooler? its a good idea as air gets hotter as its compressed due to friction and friction creates heat. the belt system is another thing. u need the belt to wrap around the pulley a bit so u dont get belt slip. bbv(blower bypas valve) so u dont overboost and blow up, alot of oem sc's have em built in. watever u have to deliver fuel has to be boost referenced so it delivers mor fuel on boost. some carbs are kinnda hard to boost ref. fuel injection it kinda needs to be a boost setup to begin with or the map wont read a high enough value and u will be at max reading after a few lbs, around 3-4.


just some stuff to look into. i know casue im putting a supercharged v6 in a samurai and its a stock sc motor and im still running into problems.

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