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95 hardbody falls on face after first gear?

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So I've moved to Alaska and ive been looking for a cheap truck to get myself. Not really any datsuns around, found one 720 with a BBQ under the hood. Found a couple hard bodys, one was a v6 so that was out. Found an older one with a z24 that had a blown head gasket. The one I'm looking at is a 95 with the ka motor, seems to run fine, but it falls on it's face when you put it in 2nd gear. Super straight, great interior, 123k on it, 4x4 I can get it for 650. It's in my price range, and you would think that the problem could be fixed easily. I'm thinking it might be a fuel filter? Thoughts?

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I had a bad wire in the plug to the airflow meter in my 1990 and it would idle ok and put around at low speeds but couldn't run under load, or uphill

the airflow meter is attached to the front of throttle body and its held on by 2 screws, the harness is attached to the air cleaner and can get jerked and stressed when removing the housing. hope that helps..... that's a good deal

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