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Best ride ever


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went on the best ride i have ever been on, i am counting the days till the next one.


Quad makes a funny noise, almost like the chains a little to loose and slapping. Not sure, think ill take it to a shop and have them tell me what the noise is. Hopefully soon, as a big ride is coming up March 27'th. If any of you ride dirt bikes or quads and want to attend please let me know. I am more than happy to meet you somewhere and have you follow me to the staging area. No fees, just show up and ride. Only requirements is that you have a helmet, valid OHV tag, and if you are under 30 in oregon you have to have your atv safety permit, you can get that online for free.


Anyways, i have a 300ex honda, the host had a polaris 700 vtwin 4x4 (i dont like polaris, such junk) and the other guy had a honda rincon 4x4. I kept up with them the entire time in my 2wd just fine, only got stuck a few times, mostly due to high centered (took the ruts wrong). anyways the trails are rated from 1 to 5. One being wussy stuff like flat gravel roads and 5 is some really gnarly shit. when they asked me a while back what i rated myself I said probably 2-3 till i get some good ride time in then maybe a 4 would be nice for a challenge. Well we get to the staging area and hit the trails, first trail was simple, little mud, few mud holes, nothing serious. trail ended probably a half mile or so and we ended up on another gravel road. The host said hey theres a trail over there i have never been down, i would like to take it and see where it goes. Turns out it was a level 5, a half mile nasty rutted, with tree roots and giant loose rocks down hill. Wow... lol, i decided to try it and made it just fine. from there out we checked out a bunch of nasty looking hills and took them going down. I didnt attempt a level 5 uphill, thats to much for me, its hard on a 4x4 quad let alone my 2wd.



Heres some pics, enjoy




















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