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FEELER:95 Toyota Tercel up For Trade

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alright look.. nothing fancy, nothing special. one of those cars that gets the job done.


1995 Toyota Tercel DX 4dr. auto. shes got a few dents. other than that its prety clean. the seats are dirty. but thats not the point. i cut the muffler off.. il throw in the muffler. or a jap pipe i have layin about if you wanted it. the heat doesnt work that great. but the AC is ice cold. gas mileage? awesome. dont have an exact number but if i had to guess? high 20s mid 30s. she runs like a champ. but it might need a new fuel filter. i have not had any problems with it since ive owned it. ive been driving it for around 5 months now.


this car in a nutshell: a reliable. 4 door. daily driver.


il gladly give more information.


what am i looking to get?

well since i got the 620. ive been hooked. i need another datsun. preferably a car. preferably running good. it can look like shit. as long as it runs good. a hammer and spray paint can do wonders.


im just tryin to feel this out. see what i can get. and if the offer is good. il take it.


il post pics if you want.

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yeah his name was BLAKE ZULA WOOOOOOO IM A GHOST!!!! no but seriously i garuntee no one has died in this car


Well, if thats a picture of you in your avatar, I do believe you are a ghost. A pasty white ghost.:D Kidding man, good luck with the sale.

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how much for the marb reds on the dash?? shipped to 97222??

$93.57. but honestly now... can i just get rid of my car?


and i dont think it has done any towing. some single mom owned it before me. she seemed like a nice young woman with nothing to tow.

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