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Thought I would share... (B210GX content)

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Hey guys, just stumbled across your forum today and thought I would crash the party a bit. I used to own a '78 B210GX that I did extensive work on and eventually lost interest in and sold to a gent in Michigan. I do miss my car but have ventured into the Volvo world and I am having a blast over there on the 'other side'.

Anyway, I wanted to post a few pics of my old car and just see if anyone has ever spotted it.

I drove it around forever on a rebuilt and very hot little A14 with a custom ground cam that made it idle like it was on steroids. The car got hit with massive hail damage and I replaced most of the sheetmetal on it. I then primed it gray and added mock-Yenko stripes and bolted on a set of Celica 14x8's.


Later, I got a set of fiberglass front fenders and stuffed a 4.3 Chevy with a 700R4 under the hood. I did the entire interior with racing buckets and recovered the backseat to match, added a VW bug rollbar, Jaz fuel cell and Taylor battery box out back. Also got a set of adapters and bolted on a set of 15x7 Mas Tiede wheels and 205/50R15's. The 4.3 had no problem roasting these tires.... I primed the entire car with hi-build aircraft primer in white. Also got my hands on a set of 1400GX bumpers from the UK...


And then I had some fun with my username....



I sold this car about 10 years ago and it then had a KA24DE engine in it with a 5 speed Nissan behind it. I had pulled the dash and complete wiring harness from a 240SX and installed in this car. I still needed the engine harness and exhaust/driveshaft to make it run. I hope the guy that bought it didn't scrap the car, though I had done a lot of surgery on the body over the years. It would be nice to know someone is enjoying the Flea as much as I did....

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Yes, I just bored out the centers of the wheels. A machine shop can do it pretty cheap for you, but personally, I used a high quality router bit and it took about 2 minutes per wheel. I recommend the machine shop route, though... much more safe and precise.


The fun thing about those wheels and the stock suspension.... The car would hike a leg when I took a corner fast, but it would changes lanes if you sneezed while on the highway.... Ask me how I know.

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i have always liked celica wheels, they look cool an b210's. any more better pics on the 4.3 swap? for this swap, did you change the diff? or ran the stock one. how did it hold up. why did you change the 4.3 for the ka24? i like the rear tailights.

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I have some more pics somewhere, but they are most likely packed up in a box since we are trying to sell our house right now. Even so, they are 35mm that I will have to scan in. I did all of this before I everyone and their dog had a digital camera...

I kept the stock rear end for the initial swap and did not have any problems. But then I was not drag racing it or anything. The rear of the car was so light that it did nothing but spin the tires if you applied anything over half throttle. I was told to weld up the diff solid but I knew that would make it break for sure. I had sourced a Celica rear diff to replace it with since there were so many different gear ratios and performance parts available for them. Plus, it had the same bolt pattern as the Datty anyway. I never got around to that swap as I started getting the KA in it.

As for the reason to switch to the KA, with the 4.3 installed, I had to use a rack and pinion to clear the oil pan. That meant I had to bolt on the crossmember backwards and make it steer from the front (also meant running the rh strut on the left and vice versa). I made it work and it was safe, but I never liked the feel of it. But mainly it was because I am a purist deep down inside there, somewhere and felt it would be a better idea to run a Nissan driveline in a Nissan car.

Similar to my current project. I have an 81 Volvo 242 that I had a V8 built and ready to drop in and then decided to use a 24V B6304 out of a Volvo 960. It's just keeping with the brand and making it something that could actually be built from OEM parts.

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Hey there,

Nice ride you had man!!!

Hope you can get reunited.

What kind of suspension did you have in it.


I have a 1979 140Y (210) and I need shocks all around. I am trying to figure out where I can get some good ones. Maybe Tokicos?


Does anyone know what would work on my car?



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I was more worried about adding power than anything else at that time. Once I got all of the engine stuff sorted, I was going to start working on suspension and brakes, but you know that the aftermarket does not support these cars, so it was going to have to be all custom.


At one point, I had a Jag IRS that I was going to have narrowed, but I couldn't find a shop reasonable and knowledgeable to do it.


Pretty sure this car had Tokicos all the way around, but the PO had done it and I didn't touch it afterwards...

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