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Spring rate ???? for 510


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Ok so I think in my datsun book it says the bre race car ran 150# springs front and rear. So my questions are


1 did they have rear coilovers on the bre car because i think you need around 900# rear springs if in stock location.


2 why so soft now days the race cars run alot stiffer spring i think 300 or more?


3 what spring rate do you run, how does it ride/handle?

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I run 350lbs all the way around in Lisa's 510 but the car is set up for autocrossing. I think the car rides fine but alot of the cars ride comes from the shocks not the spring. when it comes to road racing in a car like a 510 with no aero additives to much spring rate can cause the car to be loose at higher speeds even with the sway bars set soft. well thats my .02 cents

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