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73 620 parts wanted

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good luck with the fuse box cover , the shifter knob shouldnt be a problem but a fuse box cover :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::lol:


Are you trying to tell me something? LOL!

i've noticed that about a lot of 620 parts. I should've bought a 280z. they make evrything for them.

I've got 2 trucks and neither one has a fuse cover..

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The best way to get that cover is to watch ebay motors and no you did great getting the 620 . On ebay motors there is some one I think in Bangkok that puts one on there every once and a while , it is brand new fuse box and cover . My friend Rodney oldsklmini bought one and he loves it . So you would be better off watching ebay motors , oh I think it runs around $20 not sure of shipping

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