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I put her in the Garage and tore into the interior!


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I got her in the garage today. It took a shovel to clean out the interior. I had a 50-Gal contractors bag full of crap. I even found the headlight trim rings under the seat!


The seat is toast. I have to figure out something. The frame of the seat seems sound. There are spider nests in there with eggs. Pretty nasty.


I just don't know what to do about the rotted drivers floorboard. I don't weld. Any idea what it should cost to have a plate made and welded in? I plan to neutralize the rust before anything. The rest looks sound. Even though there is rust on the passenger side, the metal still seems sound. Just need to Por-15 it.


Check out the paint after I compounded it a little!


I'm going to tackle the brakes, then the leaky fuel tank, then the engine. No use making it run if I can't make it stop!


I need a shift boot if anyone has one.



Interior shots of the 1974 Pickup

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I told ya that paint would shine up. Its amazing. you got the same problem I do. When I got my 74 I took the crapola bench seat of of it and threw one in from an 86 nissan. the drivers side mounting rail was all busted out and they had two small metal plates in there to bolt the seat down.

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