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New parts came in.


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Yay , I got my order from Rock Auto in today.


Anyone else ever received their order and gotten a used part?

Had to call them and they will be replacing the clutch master cylinder.


Hmm , dirty on the outside , OK i've seen worse called "new".



No plug in here? and what's that stuff doing in there?



Um , starting to think this was mounted up for a while on someone's truck.



Yep , must have been mounted.



Inside cap.



Inside reservoir , yuck.


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Looks like NOS -- new old stock. Are you sure it is used? Granted, it is not saleable, but sometime NOS parts get like that if they weren't stored properly. Well, except the rust inside the reservoir. That looks used.


I haven't had anything like that from RockAuto, and have bought three large orders from them.

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Yeah , it's been on a vehicle even if only for a short time. The crud in the reservoir and fitting is nasty but it's not rust , more like gelled brake fluid :poop:.

This was the only bad item in the 13 pieces I bought from them and this is the only part that was in this condition.

I don't think I can wholly blame Rock Auto for this as it looks like they contact the manufacturer's warehouse for shipment to the customer.

I do think that the warehouse should have inspected the item before shipping though.


Kinda sucks though , was really hoping to get the old beasty fired up and rolling this weekend too:(.

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