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Control arm bushings with camber offset.

Guest jaimesix

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Guest jaimesix



Has anyone used these control arm bushings that offsets the mounting bolt so as to add ( or subtract, making it negative or slightly negative ) negative camber to the front suspension in Datsuns 510/610/710/Z ??


I have a set I originaly purchased for my 610, but since I purchased camber plates and coil overs for the 610, I will use regular offset bushings on the 610. No need to have camber plates and offset bushings under same hood.


How much camber change did you get, and what are your impressions?


I need to add these bushings to correct camber on my 710 before I add new tires.





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I've had them on my dime since the mid 80's and I love them. Some guys say that they can cause your contol arms to crack because there is not enough flex in them, (and there is some merit to that concept because of the suspension design), but mine have no signs of cracking at all in over 20 years. I also like the fact that since my dime is so low, I can rotate them up and move the inside pivot for the lower up, without cutting up the crossmember. I also like the fact that it moves the lower out to give a little more track width, instead of moving the upper in. The delrin in mine is finally fried, so I'll probably be looking for another set myself soon.


I'm sure you'll hear both side, lol.

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