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Weak spark need help!


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Hey guys I’m trying to solve a weak spark issues that’s keeping my wife’s car off the road it’s a 73 610 wagon with an l20b swapped in by the previous owner. It had a points distributor but that crapped out so I switched to a match box dizzy and haven’t been able to get it running since the first dizzy gave up the ghost. When I crank it it has spark but it’s dim yellow spark. I bypassed the ignition system with a jumper box my dad has and the car starts right up and runs good but will not start without the box. I have 12V from the ignition switch and 12V when cranking. The coil and distributor are both new. I even tried running a wire straight from the battery to the coil to bypass the stock harness as it’s a complete mess but it still won’t fire up. I’m not sure where to go from here. Any ideas? 

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