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C10's "Red Leader" 85 720 4x4


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Backstory: I bought myself a 1985 720 after the head gasket blew on my Isuzu trooper and at the time, I had just started a new job. Needed something to get me to work. My neighbor just so happened to have a 720 for sale that was in pretty good condition and he has all the paperwork for the changes done and has taken great care of it, but kept it pretty stock. (supposedly has a remanufactured engine done 25k miles ago too). I wanted a reliable truck that was easy to work on, and will take me up snowboarding/camping. so I did a little research and bought it and have been driving it since Summer of 2017. I neglected the interior and exterior but mechanically I keep it in good shape.


Things done so far:

- New alternator (Partsgeek buy, got OEM but 60 AMP.)

- Tierod end

- Valve cover gasket

- Weber carb (EGR delete was already done when I bought it)

- Exhaust manifold replaced with pacesetter header and replaced cat with magnaflow high flow

- Clutch slave cylinder (3 times it's blown!!!! Rubbish autozone parts. I think this NAPA one is good. If it blows again I'm doing the master cylinder too next)



Things to be done:


- [ ] Seating situation: Seats were never fully mounted when I bought the truck which bent up the adjustment rails.

- [ ] Fix Tachometer and Speedometer / Gauge cluster: Speedometer just stopped working about 10k miles ago. Never bothered to fix it.

- [ ] New steering wheel I bought the adapter just never installed it

- [ ] Bed liner

- [ ] Lightrail install with KC lights OR canopy install

- [ ] Lift 

- [ ] KA24DET swap (I just want a fast rally pickup haha)


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