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Tie Rod Ends - '67 411


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Hi Guys


I've been chasing a set of inner tie rod ends for the 411 for a while now and have a lot of conflicting info on what fits and what doesn't.  Outers I have are 555 brand from a Datsun 520 and they fit perfectly.


I have been referred to 555 brand TE183R and TE183R for the inners but I have just picked up a pair of these and although they are the right length the thread and post are way too small (I believe these are listed for the 1000 also) so they are no good for this model.


The original part numbers I have are 48641-16500 and 48521-16500


Anyone replaced these who can refer me to a decent after market product?  Are there different thread sizes for TE183L/R?



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I would recommend going to the auto parts stor with the part #'s and have them do a full search . They have multiple suppliers and ways to special order . This is only an idea. I myself do a lot of mods I.e reaming/ tapping new threads, boring new holes etc.

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Thanks, I have checked out a few places with parts manuals going back to the early '60s.  It seems that at some point the TE183 changed from being the larger 410/411 fit to the 1000 (possibly 1200) smaller fit.  Doesn't help when there is nothing to distinguish between the two.


Thinking at this stage that I might get a couple of longer rods turned up and just buy another set of 555 outers to put on the inner as they seem to be pretty bullet proof.


besides the length of the tie rod end would there be any difference in the dynamics between the outer and inner (I see a lot of them listed as either LH outer/ RH inner)

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