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L20B performance Cam?


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i have a L20B in my 69 521. I have a spare W58 peanut head that im hoping to put in. I was thinking about keeping the same valve sizes yet im looking for a performance cam. Is there any prefered cam to use in a peanut head? The truck will be for Track/Drift so im hoping for a good power range that would fit my need.


Any referance to a Nismo Cam?




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i have a 280/480 erson cam in my A87 l20 with twin webers,


great power above 2500-6500 have not taken it beyond 6500 


i am not sure if you will find the cam i have anywhere tho, rebello built my motor, and i called him a while ago and he said he stoped using erson about 8-10 years ago


in reality i haven't seen any drift l20s but if built right they are great track motors

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