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75 280z wont start unless harness unhooked?


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Hi all,


Im posting this for my brother as he doesnt have an account yet, but I was part of the troubleshooting.


The car is having issues staying running. When it does run, there is a very gas smelling smoke coming from the exhaust and it doesnt run long. Here is the kicker, it wont start unless we unhook the spade connector on either the + or - terminal of the battery cables. When we unhook one of these, itll start but wont run long. If we hook the connector back up while its running, it smooths out some and then finally dies. With the connector hooked up and the car off, it will not start and run at all. The car is fuel injected. Also, the starter clicks sometimes before itll turn over.


Right now, we are thinking maybe the main relay or MAF? When he pushes the flap in the MAF, we can hear the fuel pump come on. 




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