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Takara Chan 77' S30 Project

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I recently picked up a Datsun S30 77'.  I picked this car up from a guy that made a lot of bad modification decisions to say the least.  The fuel system was installed incorrectly the wheels on the car were all different sizes and he cut some wires that i have a feeling shouldn't have been touched.  So far I have been spending my days trying to get the fuel injection redone, the Air intake system to be installed correctly and my next step is going to be the exhaust system from the Exhaust manifold back out the rear.  I have the motor running now! It didn't when i picked it up.. hell the car didn't even have a distributor in it so i was glad once i got the thing started the motor was actually in really good shape once i got some of the stock parts back in place.  I however seemed to have hit a rough spot... my car is an Automatic (Problem number 1) and when i go to drive it the car isn't shifting up although the transmission doesn't seem to be slipping from the start or anything.  I really want to do a manual conversion on this car. I picked up all of the parts from the junkyard and various other places to do so... However i am not very familiar with these cars due to the fact that i am in my mid twenties and i grew up in the generation of Em1s and various imports of that nature which i also got all manual from the jump.  I really want to save this car and get it to the point where it could be my daily driver with the stock L28 that it came with and just really allow it to continue its life as long as i could keep it alive... any pointers or can anybody point me in the right direction on some of the things i should do to be sure i'm passing smog and just going about this the right way? 




As soon as I figure out how to add photos to my post i will...

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