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My First Dime - Not quite the Charm


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I've been a 240Z guy for way to many years to count. I've always wanted a 510 as a project that would someday turn into a nice daily driver. I finally found a 1972 510 2-door that is pretty much complete but in pretty rough shape. It actually runs, but I wouldn't put it to the test. But at a cost of $150.00 and a clear title I think it is worth restoring. Not sure yet if I'm going to keep it bone stock or highly modified. I'll start with fixing the rust issues and go from there. I think I will be in pretty good hands since I have Steve Epperly from ZTherapy and David Patten from Futofab willing to guide me on my new adventure. Hope to be driving it up to Canby on a yearly basis. I will post updates every once in a while. I'm off to find me some sheet metal.


Not sure how to post images since I don't see a button to upload a jpeg file.


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Welcome :)

There's a "How-To" on posting pics. You'll need an account to photo site such as photobucket, etc.. we're excited to see your new treasure. $150 even for a rough canvas is a steal nowadays. Good luck!


Here's a link to the how-to:


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