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1999 Frontier KA24DE engine and 5 speed

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I'm just gonna link my ad on craigslist cuz I'm lazy...




I have all my Nissan stuff listed for $800. I'll sell things separately, though. Anyways, I'm willing to cut a deal for ratsun members. I actually have like 3 ECUs (I think one is for an auto) and 2 wiring harnesses (one is all retardified, though).


It's been 4 years since I touched that stuff so please forgive me for the vague description on the parts. Too many things went wrong with the KA swap so I went back to the L20B.


I don't check ratsun much so it'd be best to email me at avallanche247@hotmail.com or call my cell 360-607-6207 if you have questions.




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