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fitment of 17s on datsun 510 wagon with 280zx front setup/coilovers


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I am seriously considering a work VS-XX setup for my 510 wagon .


I know i can fit the rear which would be 17x8 +22 as i have a huge bit of clearance back there currently.


My concern is the front although I think i'll be fine. Front is 17x7 +22 and i am using the 280zx vented front brake setup with ground control coilovers.


I really would like bigger wheels as the wagon is going to be pushing 14PSI on a Forced Performance 20G turbo on SR20DET with custom tuned ECU and all proper upgrades.. I was thinking I would like some more grip over what my 15s will offer me (they can go back over to my 4 door)


anyone run bigger wheels like that with success?


pic for reference


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those will fit I have 17's for my wagon to they are 17x7 front and 17x8 rear with a 35mm offset, with that said if you want your car to "hook up" dont go with a 17" wheel not enough sidewall on a 17" tire on a 510, unless your running a drag radial or something equal to a race compound tire I have a set of 16" wheels with Falken Azenis rt615s and with a 215-45 it still spins the tires when it comes on boost at 35 mph or so (in my 2 door). keep 15s if you can for the hook up factor but for the stylin factor 17s are cool :cool:



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