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Coilovers on Maxi?

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 From what I've found so far, the 1st gen maximas use the same strut tubes as the 280zx. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Meaning I can run 280zx suspension components??


On a side note,

@datzenmike, in another post you mentioned your strut tube mod using the 2" split collars. After cutting the spring perch off and grinding the old weld, did you place these collars, around the old tube and opened the inner hole on the spring perch to go over the tube to rest on the collars? OR...?

Where did you get the split collars? P/N?


Im looking to drop the front about 2", and the back about 1.5". Just to give you guys an idea.


My thought is to do Datzenmike's tube mod, and cut 1/2 a coil on the springs up front. Thoughts?

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What gen maxi? if you've got 81-84 1st gen maxi/ 2nd gen 810 its same basic suspension platform as 280zx.  Use S13 coilovers.  



Search for S13 coilovers on 280zx.  Cutting and welding requried for front, rears basically bolt on.












OR you can use the other coilover method, using sleeves and welding perch or split collars onto stock struts ...  depends on what you're going for.  If you just want low, split collars and stock springs work just fine. 

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