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anyone time attack @ A.M.P

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so for the last couple months my cousin and I have been time attacking our Datsun's @Adams motorsports park in riverside ca. he has a 71 240z with l26 dual su carbs and I have a 71 510 with a 13b rotary, and this is the most fun I've ever had in my Datsun.. first time we hit the track we were in the mid 60s now we're at 50 seconds flat and improving. definitely not the fastest time but it's decent for a 40+ year old car btw the fastest time ive seen at AMP is 44.57 done by a turbo k20 Honda crx.. but yeah heres some videos and pictures and if u have any pics or vids posts them up or if anyone else wants to join the fun hit me up and turn Adams into a Datsun parking lot haha



just a couple of pictures of some bad ass cars, 32 3 window coupe, a ls3 powered s10, and a Nissan gtr and yes that's the same truck that caught on fire in the video below



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