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jawlsable paint restoration


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i like to do paint restoration, especially black cars...

(after first compound)



(Final product)




and have been anticipating to do it for my 610... time has finally arrived, because we have had some nice weather!


not going to write a bible, ill let the pictures do the talking, but here is basically what i did in chronological order;


first i removed all the trim, basically anything that could come off did, was fun pulling everything off, seeing what it was like underneath it all... what is funny is how everything is screwed in, no bolts.










after all these years i expected it to be worse, but it is not all that bad.



once i stripped it down and pulled everything i felt like removing, i gave it a bath with dawn dish soap. works well for taking off wax and other stuff on the paint.

then i pulled it into the garage for the night, and prepared all my materials.








few days later, when it was warm enough, i claybared it. man there was so much crap in the paint that it used up 1/2 of my entire bar! ive done 3 other cars on that bar, and this one just used it up in one go. but it came out nice and smooth, smooth as oxidized paint can be (still feels like 1500 grit sand paper).



after that, it was time to tape!

this is the most important part, taping off everything. the compounds are really nasty, and i dont what that shit all over the trim, its so difficult to get off and if you dont tape off the crevasses, really hard to get it all out and just looks amateur.


after i got that done, it was time to hit it with the first compound, which is really gritty, some nice heavy duty stuff. i also used a really dense foam (this is all done with a PC DA btw) because the paint is 70% oxidization (especially the hood). this is just after the first compound:


50/50 shots:





50/50 halogen











it was getting late, but i finished 5/8ths of the roof as well, here are some 50/50s:




ill get some better shots when its complete.


I still have 2 more compounds to do, a lotion, and waxing. i will also be doing the bay, but just a fast detailing because i dont tend to pop my hood often. should come out looking good.







if you like what you see, stay tuned.

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