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torsion bolt replace ???


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If you use a longer bolt for the brackets on the ends of the torsion bars, your torsion bar brackets will sit so low they will be angled to a point where they will be lower than the torsion bar cross member, meaning they will be sticking out from your undercarriage like a sitting duck waiting to get ripped out/ripped back from you accidentally scraping something (like the big metal caps at gas stations that cover the underground gas tanks).


You don't want these brackets sitting that low. It's not a matter of if you'll catch em on something, it's a matter of when. It's impossible not to.


What you want to do is take the c-clip off the torsion bar bracket, (you get to it by sliding the rubber dust boot back, if the boot is still there) and carefully pulling it out using a very tiny flathead screwdriver to edge it out and then use a large flathead to bring it the rest of the way out. Be careful not to lose or damage these c-clips.


When you get the c-clip out you can hold the torsion bar tight into the front lower control arm, and carefully slide the torsion bar bracket back (like you're trying to pull it out of the crossmember) until you feel it separate from the splines-


Turning it 1 or 2 splines (counter-clockwise for driver side bracket, clockwise for passenger bracket) and pushing it back onto the torsion bar will let you run low in the front, but the torsion brackets with be at an almost stock position, sitting up nice and high and not angled toward the ground.


Don't forget to put the c-clips back in-


And that's what they call re-indexing you're torsion bars!

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If you click in my signature to look at my build thread for my 74 620, there are some good pictures of these brackets.


I didn't even know the bracket and the torsion bar were 2 separate pieces until I pulled them out, but hey, you learn something EVERY DAY on this site.......

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