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WTB: S110 200SX Front end parts

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So I have been hovering around on here, but finally need stuff. I just picked up an '80 S110, and its in need of some replacement parts.


What I'm looking for is as follows:


Passenger fender (I will pay good money if you have a decent fender in the metallic gold/brown two tone, but any color will do)


Core support (If I can't fix the on I have)




Hood (Again, I'll pay well for a decent condition metallic brown hood, but any color would do)


The fascia between the grille and the bumper, sorry, don't know off hand what it's called.


Passenger headlight housings


If you are parting out an S110, I'm sure I and in need of other small items. Best way of contacting me is via PM or Texting, 503-480-9546. I'm in the Newberg, OR area. Local business preferred.


Thanks for looking!

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I have a couple of core supports for the 200sx that are brand new. Call Nissan for the part number and I will let you know that I have the right one. I bought these years ago.


Dan 360-687-7235

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