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Fusible Link Covers/Hood Vent covers

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Does anybody have a fusible link cover laying around I could buy from them? I priced them on TheZStore at 5.50 a piece, but I don't really want to wait + pay another 6 bucks in shipping for them. I have one still in the original packaging from Nissan, so I only need the one. I'd be willing to pay 5-10$ for one, depending on location. I'm tired of my fusible links filling with water and rusting!


Next, does anybody have the under-hood cover for the passenger side hood vent? I have one on the driver's side, but not passenger side and it kinda bugs me so I thought I'd ask. Also willing to pay 5-10$ for this.



Finally (this is more of an opinion thing) how much is too much to buy a driver's side floor pan & rocker panel cut? I found one at a local junkyard but I haven't gone out to get it priced yet. Just curious what your guys' thoughts were.


Thanks in advance y'all! :) I'm ready to get my Z back on the road!

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