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dropping rear xmember


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While dropping the rear xmember we have run into quite a few snags. Quick question how do we handle the ebrake cable thats running through? it seems like it can't really come out without cutting the line. Am I not seeing something here? Any how if any one has some tips/advice on dropping the rear xmember. that would be great. Putting in a new slotted one with a 3" exhaust hole right now.


thanks guys.

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You should be able to detach the cable. I think it's 3 separate pieces, if I'm not mistaken. One for each side, then one going forward. They connect at a bracket where the front and back sections meet. There should be a threaded fitting that you can unscrew, and a couple "U" clips. Find that, and the rest should be easy.

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yeah my dads been great with the project. before JCCS his neighbor came over and was like "Oh wow you're building a hot rod with your son! thats like every dads dream!" we both had never even thought of it like that and were like, "oh hey yeah we are!" its a fun project.

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