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wtb wagon gas tank

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I just joined because I inherited a warehouse of Datsun junk from my uncle and we need to move it.


I'm a longtime member of Zcar.com, hybridz member, (skib and a few others here may know me from USMB) grew up in my old man's 240Z, my uncle used to own one of Pete Brock's 2000 racers. (I can never remember which car it was, and I don't expect anyone to take me at face value but its true.) Point is, New Member, Not New To Datsuns. I say "junk" with love. :cool:


Anyhow, my uncle acquired this warehouse full of someone else's Datsun junk some time ago and now it falls to us to sort it out, before we can begin sorting out his own personal Datsun junk.


Long story short: We have a few unidentified gastanks. I am beginning my effort to move this by looking at WTB ads. Show me a pic of what your gastank looks like and I'll let you know if we've got one.

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