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Weber question

Roadracer Al

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There's a set of Webers on the local Craig's List.


Since I'm sort of new to the Datsun scene, and I don't know all the ins and outs of the various manifold and carb combinations, can someone tell me if this will work on a L20 in a 620 pickup. I'm going to email the seller and ask what motor they're off of, which specific carbs they are, and if they need a rebuild.





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That set-up looks nasty to me. There should be two SU side-draft carbs on that manifold instead of the dual Webers on those adapters. The thing won't run very well unless you're turning the motor at about 10,000 rpm. And it will be a nightmare keeping the Webers synchronized.

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The thing won't run very well unless you're turning the motor at about 10,000 rpm.


That was my thought -- this is probably way too much carb for the motor.


After exchange of email with the seller --- he claims the setup came out of a 240z (which I thought only came with a 6-cylinder), I decided to take a pass on these.


I don't mind synching carbs -- I do it on motorcycles all the time and have the right tools for it.

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