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Goon Rear Wheel Bearings


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Here's what I learned when I did mine ... The rear brake backing plates stay attached to the axles :blink: that was a shocker to me ... but OK.


There are shims between the backing plate and the axle housing ... these shims are split and when re-installing the splits go up.


The machine shop will probably squish some portion of your backing plate during the removal or install of the bearing.


There is a small spacer ring 1/4" or so that is put on the outside of the actual bearing ... sometimes it sticks to the old bearing when it is removed. If this ring is not installed then your brake drum make a horrible grinding sound against the backing plates. At least my neighbors described it that way ... all I heard was some Black Sabbath on the stereo.

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Hit the first snag. I cant get the brake lines loose from the brake clyinder, :( going to look for a brake line wrench tomorrow. Maybe replace the brake lines from the splitter on the diff.


I am installing some 240z drums and I have to take machine off some of the cooling fins in order for them to fit.

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