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N20 and hairdryers


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It all started with me buying a 71 2 door 510 with a 79 L28e motor and Bosch CIS injection from a V6 Volvo. The car was originally built with money won at the Horse track in a 10 k winnings day. The car was never what I thought it should be so over time 280zx front brakes , a N42 motor with flatops and a R160 LSD was added. A cage was custom built to eliminate the body flex and larger front/rear Quickor sway bars and MOOG camber plates were fitted with a fully adjustable rear crossmember.


Then a JY parts 3 Liter stroker was built with VG30 pistons and a N33 head and a 490/290 WEB cam the car was a decent performer and logged mid 14 sec 1/4 times. At that time the first Honda VTEC GSR motor swaps were showing up and the fastest was mabey a bumper quicker on the street. The engine builder owned a import performance shop (also a good friend for years) and His customers were getting beat. So the rear wheel drive 3 liter got a 80 rwh port shot of nitrous, the closest Honda was over 5 cars behind us . The Datsun then took on a 90 Honda hatch with a stolen GSR motor with a VERY large shot of nitrous and 9" slicks on the street and I lost by a less than a car. Then it was a dual stage kit 100 + rwh kit and 255rwh , the car ran 12.55 @110 which was .2 faster than the Honda hatch at the track.


Then EFI came in the form a SDS sytem using the same "matchbox dizzy" and MSD Digital 6 and 280zxt injectors , the motor felt like it picked up 40 rwh by changing from the restrictive CIS injection.

A "built" 3 liter turbo motor was in the works using JE pistons and Cunningham rods ,no stock manual L series transmission was going to be able to take the shock load . A T56 six speed was sourced and another longtime friend built an adaptor using a T5 bellhousing, I watched everything being put together and I am still amazed at how well it turned out. The EFI system was upgraded using a Volvo CIS turbo fuel pump and 420cc injectors and a 2 bar MAP sensor still using the SDS system . The R200 rear end had been fitted with a NISMO LSD when the R180 LSD unit kept on breaking stub axels at the track.


85 300zx rear calipers with 83 280zx rear discs were fitted with air bags in the rear springs and adjustable bump stops. Even with the small CT26 T4 turbo this car was a different animal, with 8 psi it was a very quick street car. With the nitrous the car was a monster and broke into the 11's with a 11.78 run @ 118 . Later a larger WEB turbo cam was fitted and the car picked up 3 tenths the boost was increased to 12 psi and 275 rwh with no nitrous, this resulted in very consitent low 11 sec 1/4 mile times. The car was/is a handfull at the track and a perfect run on a cool day netted a 10.96@127 which was driven to and home from the track that day.


A bad nitrous backfire convinced me that a better EFI system was needed , so an AEM EMS was purchaced and another motor was put together. I was told to "put a real turbo on the motor" so a bb T67 was fitted and 440 rwh was obtained before the twin disc 10,000 rpm slipped. A tripple disc clutch was made and fitted (good for 750 rwh) along with the 750 rwh drag rebuild kit for the T56. A backfire due to going lean with 35% methanol happened, oil being present in the combustion chamber due to low tension oil control rings didn't help. So another set of BRC pistons were purchaced and Total Seal rings with a larger 3mm vs 2.5 oil control rings were used, until the car began smoking and when the motor was torn down .2 wear was in each of the cylinders due to the Total Seal rings (which were set to Toal Seals specs). The 3 liter is currently in pieces and a bone stock $200 L28e is in the car waiting for 7-8 psi of boost, until the 3 liter gets put together.


When the 3 liter gets put back in the car I am looking for 500 rwh on the turbo with another 100rwh from a small shot of N20. 100% E85 is used as fuel under boost with 87 oct when not in forced induction mode, 30 mpg should be possible with sequential injection (thanks AEM) . The N/A L28 is being used as a test bed for the dual fuel system and even with 7-8 psi 260/270 rwh with the T67 the car should still be a blast to drive and faster than anything other than supercars and sportbikes. My friend who built my first 3 liter is the local AEM guru /tuner , I am getting a grasp at how to properly tune with a decent PC based system. I am looking forward to getting back on the track this spring, putting the hurts on high dollar performance car with a early 70's looking 510 is just icing on the cake.

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