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Price:400.00 obo

Item Description:i have for sale my ca18det. not running not assembeled. has trans harness ecu turbo 3 in exhaust. the motor spun a rod bearing so i decided to rebuild it. head has been pressure tested surfaced an got new seals. cherry now ready to go back on. the crank needs to be reground an new bearings. have te motor in a bag an all the internals are covered in wd40 so they wont flash rust. i have hit a wall with the car. i could either finish the ca or put my dual cam in an buy coilovers an drive my car. so my loss is you gain. headwork alone is worth 250.00 if you have questions give me a call 503 473 7785. i will tell you everything i know about it. oh and a aftermarket turbomani

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