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Sat july 18th Mineral Wells Tx SuperGymkhana

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Welcome Friends!!! Its time for Gymkhana racing in Texas!!!






the course layout is such that the fastest way through is to drift in some sections.


Tech inspection starts at 9:00am, driver's meeting will start around 9:45am. Please be there early enough for this if you intend to drive.


Runs will continue throughout the day, probably until shortly before sunset, or until everyone is tired and no drivers wish to make any more runs for the day, whichever comes first.


All runs will be timed, but only your fastest run will count.


This course will be huge by gymkhana standards taking an avg of 2 minutes to complete.


The course will include barrel racing, reverse section, 180's, and a stop box.


There will be a tech inspection of each car before it is allowed to go on the track, which will include a quick lookover of the car and safety equipment (ie helmet, seat belts, ect.. )


The inspection will also include a J turn. We need to see that your cars suspension is up to the task of keeping you from rolling over so a quick 15 mph j turn will give us a chance to make sure everyone will be safe and have a fun day..


Tech will be strictly enforced to weed out high CG vehicles. Those vehicles that fail tech due to high CG will be allowed to run but will not be allowed to use the reverse section.


Pit access (if you are not driving but are with a crew or want to hang out in the pits with the drivers) - $5


General spectators area - Free!!!


there are two classes. drivers class, and competition class.


Drivers class: Entry 40.00 the winner of the drivers class will recieve free admission to my next event at mineral wells. this class is open to any vehicle that can be or could have been found on dealer lots throughout the world. i.e. no open wheel racecars.



Competition class: Entry 75.00 the winner of the competition class will recieve a new turbocharger(there must be 20 participants in this class or it will default to the drivers class). this class is open to any vehicle that can be or could have been found on dealer lots throughout the world. i.e. no open wheel racecars.


here is some info on the turbo


Competition class Winner will receive a New Comp Turbo ordered to there specs in journal bearing up to specs of a 35R, meaning you want a GT28RS, GT2871, 30R,35R, you can get the journal bearing equivilent, you can also have one made to your specs, or the winner can pay the difference and get it upgraded to a triple ball bearing center section.

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