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610 wagon shopping

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the old "combat car"



I'm thinking of using this for a parts/restoration car


I'd like to find another 72/3 thereabouts.. 610 wagon for sale, in reasonable condition to make it all easier on me to end up with a running vehicle.

A rolling chassis and body, minus the engine &/or trans would be acceptable

I believe my engine, optronic ignition & manual trans are salvageable.

Windscreen is cracked, so a good one would be a nice bonus on another car.


Let me know if you have one or have seen one for sale.

I'm in Michigan, so something close would be helpful but I'll consider the lower 48 for purchase, thanks for the interest and/or help here.

ask questions all you like.. Chris


if it all gets too complicated this item may end up in the for sale forum

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