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Quick Q? on Leaf Spring Removal?


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To lower the rear of my truck which leaf spring do I have to remove? Oh yeah I got a 1963 320. I read the thread on here about de-arching the leaf springs, But I don't have the wood clamps and I can't think of anything else that would work instead of the wood clamps and I don't have a vise either. So I was just thinking of pulling a leaf out. Thanks in advance.

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I do my lifting and such on chevies so i have not bothered my datsun. I need all the wieght carring capacity that came on my truck so it will not do me to remove a leaf. But you may if you carry little to no wieght and it will do fine. I would try the second leaf from the longest to make a difference. If you have problem with axle wrap then put it back and get the next one but you should not. If your axle is above your springs which i think it is then just go with blocks and longer ubolts to lower the rear the easiest way. If you mess with the spring shackles on a datsun it messes with pinion angle so i would stay away from that unless you know a bit more about this stuff. Just i would look for forged blocks and not cast if i were lowering it with blocks. At least on my big chevies with blocks to lift it i feel that way but someone that lowers thier little ones may not have the same problem with blocks as us 4x4 guys but i have a friend with a dakota that did when lowering. Removing a spring i feel would be better. I do not feel that i would heat a spring to reach it myself though if that is what someone was telling you.


Just my 2 cent

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