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620 information for a noob

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Hey guys, I'm new to Datsuns and I'm looking at a particular 620 long wheelbase ute.


I don't know a huge amount about it, but I can only assume that it's very underpowered, with some sort of push-rod four banger that is 1500cc... J-series I think?


I'm in Australia, and I have a fair few mates with parts from Stanzas, 1600s, 180Bs etc that I could get cheaply. But I've never met anyone with a 620 and I've only seen a couple that I can recall lol, so I need to find out how many parts are universal; I can't imagine it's easy to get 620-specific parts in Australia!


Basically I would like to have a 620, dumped to the weeds with four stud wheels, ideally discs on the front, and something like an L18 with a four speed floor shift gearbox


I didn't opt for a long-wheelbase model, but I don't think it would be easy to find a short one for a small amount of money where I am.


How hard would it be to do each thing mentioned above, with access to parts from Datsun sedans and not much else? Can I change axles with a Bluebird or something? Put discs on the front? Bolt in the gearbox and motor from a 510 or 610?


Or are things simply not universal. If those things genuinely require a lot of mucking around or are even impossible, then just say so. I don't want to waste your time un-necessarily



- Heath

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