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    For Sale KA24 SOHC (mileage unknown), mated with 720 trans. Comes with Datsun 510 full length header/ exhaust, radiator, fuel system (tank forward) with pump, harness, ecu. Everything to get you going except motor mounts and driveshaft. Think JDM engine pull, as this is basically what you get with the addition of an exhaust, radiator and fuel system. Engine is still in the Car, so I can show it running. Will pull when sold, Car is not on the road, so mileage will not increase. Going to an SR route, starting from scratch, more clean-restomod focused. Will support shipping, however I will only band it to a pallet, the rest is on you. $2,000 OBO. PM Me for more information. If it doesn't sell I will part it out.


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