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What did you do to your truck today?


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I replaced my fuel pump, but it turns out that's not the problem.


My truck wouldn't start and I looked and no gas in the carb thru the sightglass. I pulled the line off the fuel pump and no fuel coming out when I cranked it.


I took the pump apart and nothing's torn, I can't tell if the check valves work ok though.


I had a new pump, it looks like carnival prize quality but whatever. Stuck it in and still no fuel coming out of it.


I think something wrong with line from tank to pump. Otherwise could be with cam actuation, but that seems less likely.

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I hauled like 1600 lbs of retaining wall blocks (conservative estimate) in my 720, I'm always amazed with what that truck can do, punches so far above it's weight.

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Last Monday, I swapped out the new failed alternator for a "new" one (reman unfortunately) on my KA24e swap 620 since nobody seems to carry new parts anymore

Today I swapped out that ^ alternator....what the flying fuck!!!!!


I spent hours going through my entire harness looking for the cause of the alternator not charging, found nothing, pulled it, took it to auto parts store to get it tested.....failed....got another "new one" will see how long this one lasts....this is really upsetting.

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I usually burn good first of the summer and then after that I am ok.  I am talking on my face I do not go shirt less, I have one of those bodies that is better covered so I do not offend the pretty girls as much!  LOL

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Replaced the corroded wiring for the right turn signal. New Green with Black Stripe all the way to the "lamps". And replaced the corroded bulb sockets that lasted about 6 months with LEDs coated in epoxy. Here's the PCB half-populated. I now don't have to contend with randos waving back at me every time I signal a right turn.




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Am I the only one doing anything to their truck?

Anyways. New radiator. The old one was the original. It was literally crumbling at the touch. The radiator shop had to get a custom core made. $390 - ouch.

Also new clutch master cylinder.

And ... new glow plugs.

It feels like a brand-new rust-bucket.





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Yesterday i did this hack to the air inlet, i park my truck under a pine and after a couple of years it accumulated a lot of pine needles in there. 








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Drove for over 10 hours in the rain to get this matching tailgate for my 521. It was removed from the truck after being purchased in 1969 & stored under a house ever since.



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Holy forgotten truck parts Batman, er uh Batwoman.


Some wow factor there for sure.

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