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do any of you PNW folks ever make B&R Auto Wrecking in Eugene,OR? they are parting a 1980 Datsun 510 on ebay (specifically the trans) and I was wondering if they part out trim items on cars and how long they keep their cars before

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There's a '73 620 that dropped at NW Auto Recyclers sometime last week. It doesn't show in inventory yet but should before too long. I snapped a pic for Row52 but didn't get another to post here. It's pretty rough with an L16 and A87 head. I removed the head but one of the combustion chambers was pretty bad from something being inside and another had a little damage as well so I left it. The dash bezel and column cover are gone. When I pulled the radiator, the water coming out looked like very thick chocolate milk so it obviously had some serious problems.

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Ecology yard near Victorville ca










Yeah they seem to be getting alot of z in I put a 5 speed from a 79.  That 620 I shouldve bought from the guy that brought it in.  I waited a month to start getting parts from it.  I was able to get the center console, the beefy one not the plastic.

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So Cal - half price weekend I believe at Ecology Auto parts Sante Fe Springs Ca. available 1983 Zx struts also some western wheel turbines 14x7 on a z also , three sets of interesting six lug wheels maybe a set of 15x10s on a 4x4 , two Z22 engines one with head removed already in 720s ,

I scored H190 3.88 from a 720 ,(had seen Jose Santos lurking near white 720 weeks back)Also some prelude si all wheel steer , seats no rips with shape like a recaro ,drivers side adj. side wings , ready $ 14.00 each ! no phone pics .will post .

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Pretty complete 280zx turbo (including struts) at


* Sierra Auto Dismantling

* 845 Sheridan Rd, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

* (805) 431-0023


...and prepare to be anally violated when paying for parts which you must pull yourself.

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...and prepare to be anally violated when paying for parts which you must pull yourself.


I was there today.  I got an entire front suspension (frame, all suspension, torsion bars, steering box) from an 85 720.  The guy seems pretty cool to me.  I pulled the bumper and front cab mounts, then he picked the whole truck up with his forklift & brought it over & did most of the work to cut everything off for me, and loaded it into my pickup.  I might have overpaid at $200 for everything, but I didn't have to do any lifting, jacking, or crawl around in the dirt for any of it, so I was pretty happy.  I had gone by on Friday and asked about the parts/quote, and it hadn't included the steering box, but when I showed back up today he was happy to give it to me for free.  Seems like a reasonable guy.

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