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Wrecking Yard Report

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On 2/1/2020 at 3:54 PM, emanistan said:

The car was a manual transmission, 2400cc, non-A/C model.  The gearbox, driveline, and exhaust system was long gone by the time I got there this morning.

No rust of any kind, pity to scrap the car really since it looks like it was very straight until the yard forklift driver go to it.  At this point a couple doors and the hood are still straight, the other doors and fenders are salvageable but wrinkled.  Black interior.  I took home a bumper, wheel, flywheel, horn button assembly, and lower dash. 

The front seats are there but need re-covering, carpet is trash.  The door cards looked nice, etc.

The motor was still there and there is one excellent bumper, all the suspension is still there and looks decent, I just ran out of time.  The side mirror was broken, badges all missing.  Front grill looks decent but is damaged in a way you can see with the hood open.  one of the brake light assemblies is damaged but the other is excellent.  Oh, and it looks to have the original donut spare (mfd byTOYO).  Hope this helps those looking for spares.



1979 210 (first year) just arrived at Redding P&P. Haven't been to see it yet, but it looks good from the photo.



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Two 73 pickups showed up at the Stockton Blvd Pick n Pull in Sacramento in the past few days.  Very little interior.  L16s.  210 head on one. No head on the other.  Tailgate on green one OK condition.  No tailgate on blue one.  No grill on one.  Broken pieces on other.  Smashed pass door on green one.  Most body panels have some denting on both.  Western turbine wheels on green one - locks tho.

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Finally visited the 1979 210 at Redding P&P this week (actually once last week, and again this week.) Here's some photos I took:

49688609418_a1913630be.jpgIMG_0757 by emanistan, on Flickr  49688608943_650a55903f.jpgIMG_0776 by emanistan, on Flickr. 49689446077_50a5171e53.jpgIMG_0748 by emanistan, on Flickr  49688610768_50e3cbe640.jpgIMG_0742 by emanistan, on Flickr  49689143011_c7a94e3efd.jpgIMG_0756 by emanistan, on Flickr


-At some point in its life, this car traveled clear across the country. Note the excellent driver's side tail-light.


This car had obviously been modded in its later years. A huge section of floor and firewall had been cut away to accommodate a different transmission (as PDP8 said, the tranny is gone), and someone had drilled into the plate between the carburetor (which was also gone) and the intake manifold to enlarge the opening. With all these fancy changes though, it looks as if they did something wrong, going by the state of these cylinders: 

49688609828_5a50dda3f3.jpgIMG_0752 by emanistan, on Flickr.


I took the grill, which, as PDP8 noted, had some minor cracking at the top, but is entirely fixable. Why? I dunno, I couldn't bare to think of it going to the crusher, especially since, as far as I know, it was one-year-only. If I'm right about that, the fenders and hood are one-year-only too. I also got the oil pan (filled with milkshake oil/water mix) and some inner engine bits: the baffle-plate, the net, the camshaft plate and the bolts holding it in. I had to break the timing cover off to get to the cam plate: that crank pulley nut was not going to budge no matter what.


Someone should get the front bumper and tail-light--if nothing else--before it's too late. This car probably has maybe one more month of life left on the yard, if that. two at most.

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The sixth junkyard B210 I've gotten a chance to visit since joining the Ratsun set showed up this week, and for the first time, it is in my hometown junkyard, the Redding Pick and Pull, not five minutes from my house.

49881228186_f389bbd9d9.jpgIMG_0849 by emanistan, on Flickr

49880703368_4a97b054a7.jpgIMG_0838 by emanistan, on Flickr


It's a much modified 78 two-door sedan. 49880703963_63afe3ca9c.jpgIMG_0836 by emanistan, on Flickr

49881228661_197094eb8e.jpgIMG_0847 by emanistan, on Flickr

This one is the first standard shift car I've come across, though I'm not sure if it was originally equipped with this transmission or not. I might be mistaken, but I thought standard shift was only available on hatchbacks by 77. It has the fancy-schmancy sport steering wheel that folks get so excited about 

49881539917_eced543b58.jpgIMG_0835 by emanistan, on Flickr


No, I did not take it, but the week is young and I'm thinking of making a second trip out there for it. Same goes for the transmission, assuming none of you beat me to it. One thing many eyes will water over that I did take was the tachometer: those can fetch $2-300 on Ebay. I know because I paid that much for one and have seen others go at the same price.


Much of the interior finish panels are in surprisingly good shape, so much so that I would have snagged them myself if my car had a black interior. 49881227701_62f40e8f24.jpgIMG_0834 by emanistan, on Flickr


Front seats are long gone. It looks as if the previous owner had replaced them with 'racing seats' which they pulled out before selling it to the scrappers. Glass is all good except for the windshield which has a pit. This car had obviously been riced in its autumn years, as can be seen in the engine compartment: 49880702933_c8f1b3c73d.jpgIMG_0833 by emanistan, on Flickr


and the funny switches bastardized onto the dash. It also was missing its' fuel tank. Maybe you tuners out there can get an idea what exactly they did by looking at the photos. I'm sailing blind just trying to finish my car back to stock, so I haven't the slightest idea. There were several documents in the car revealing it had been on the road as recently as last year. As of 2016 it was registered in Brier, Washington. I plugged the address into Google Earth, but couldn't see the car in the map view or the street view, but I think I had the right person: there was an old Mustang in the carport and some sort of 1960s Mopar looking two-door sedan in the driveway. Repair records indicate It recently had work done on the head and the shaft, so I'm thinking of going back for those too....maybe I'll find a convenient Saturn or Taurus to hide it all in till the next half-price day.


So there's much I didn't get. What did I get this weekend?: the tachometer, the license plate lights, the dome light, a second skid plate (it never rains, but it pours: I was so excited when I found the one on the Modesto car back in October) the rubber stopper/plug from the spare tire well, and the wiper and dimmer switches...and one good visor clip! 

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280Z with auto matic an L6 everything looks to be there Ezs auto wrecking in Douglas county Washington. I don't know the price on anything or any details but it has all body panels and hood. Call them for details.



Also they have some Z24 stuff in various conditions in path grinder/D21 if anybody needs that for a Nissan/Datsun 720

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On 7/9/2020 at 9:04 AM, Bleach said:

1987 Maxima wagon

Pick n Pull - Portland South



1985 Nissan truck

Pick n Pull, Lakewood WA



1986 Nissan truck

Pick n Pull - Arlington, WA



1998 Nissan frontier (KA24DE ? )

Arlington, WA





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2-door 210 in Bakersfield LKQ. If I really needed stuff I'd be out there but it's too far. I wouldn't mind the taillights if someone is out that way. I always need the dang sockets. Looks like it's been sitting somewhere for centuries.





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